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Design is the language that communicates product value to users. Design creates emotions and causes users to become attached to the product. How can you use the powerful tool of design to deliver experiences that will make users fall in love with your financial product?

With ITTI Digital’s permission, we are sharing an exclusive step-by-step case study on designing a next-generation banking back office that will definitely become a game changer in the industry.

Alex & Inese


10 Powerful Design Thinking Quotes To Shake The Banking Industry

Embrace the essence of design and customer-centered thinking in the form of a brilliant quotes collection.

Banking Back-Office Designs That will Change Bankers' Perception of the World

Following the success of our article about banking back-office flaws, UXDA dared our team to create never-before-seen banking back-office financial UX designs that would clear a path to a different approach.

What Banking Service Design Should Look Like in 2019: A Collection of 10 Most Interesting Designs

Banking service design is much more than just interface. “Good design is a language,” as Massimo Vignelli has said. Check out this 10 designs collection.

UX Design Guide: How to Create The Most Beautiful Banking App in the World

The challenge of Light Bank was to design a concept of the simplest and the most beautiful banking design in the world, at the same time keeping the full-scale banking functionality.

A Collection of 20 The Most Interesting Financial UI/UX Designs

There are so many beautiful visualizations of banking interfaces on Dribble and Pinterest. Unfortunately, if you look closer, quite often they are meaningless from the user experience perspective. Many of them are just beautiful animations that ...

Key Obstacles Banks Must Overcome to Succeed Through Design Thinking in Banking

Design Thinking in banking and Fintech is the core process to make digital products successful. But there are some obstacles FIs must overcome to succeed.

TOP10 Misconceptions about Financial UX Design

Annually, thousands of digital financial services are launched around the world. Many of them do not achieve their goals. This is partly due to the design or, specifically, to the design approach of the creators. Many of these products could be...

How to Design UI/UX of Mobile-Only Challenger Bank

At a conference on banking innovation, one of the international bank executives came up to me and said, "What you tell me about UX design possibilities in the financial sector is incredibly inspiring, but how do I implement it if my bank offers more...

How banks are losing millions by ignoring UX design

I wrote this article because of an incident that happened to my friend last week; let's call him Steve. Steve wanted to buy a house by taking a loan at a bank he desired, but, in the end, he used another bank. I thought, it’s just a common thing...